Using your phone in Costa Rica

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Using your phone in Costa Rica

Travellers can opt to bring their own unlocked cell phone with them to Costa Rica or they can rent a cell phone once they arrive in the country. Either way, a new SIM card must be purchased to avoid a hefty cell phone bill surprise. Purchasing a SIM card is quick and easy, and the cards are sold at multiple locations throughout the country, including at the international airports, supermarkets, tech shops, cell phone company offices, and some internet cafes.


  • Beyond voice minutes, SIM cards can also be purchased for the purpose of internet data use. If you plan to use a cell phone for online purposes or as a mobile hotspot for connecting other devices to a wi-fi signal (assuming that the cell phone brought to Costa Rica or rented in-country is wi-fi enabled), accessing the internet via a SIM card is almost always less expensive than paying a daily internet rate to a hotel or hourly internet rate at an internet cafe.