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In general (for all diners, including gluten-sensitive ones), Costa Rican food is simple and repetitive. The majority of restaurants offer the same staple dishes, with the exception restaurants that cater to worldly cuisines, including American and European tastes. If you have travelled to Costa Rica before, you have likely already tried the country’s two most well-known staple dishes (time and time again!) and you know that rice and beans are present in both. Prepared as a rice and beans medley in the morning (called “Gallo Pinto”) and served separately on the plate during lunch and dinner (called “Casado”), Costa Ricans are accustomed to consuming rice grains and bean protein at multiple times throughout the day. If you are a fan of rice and beans (either served together or separately), you’re in luck. You will be able to access these gluten-free Costa Rica food choices (provided they are served in their natural state) at any local restaurant in the country, and at any time of the day.