A minute to stop and smell the roses… or, when in Costa Rica, the bromelias!

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A minute to stop and smell the roses… or, when in Costa Rica, the bromeliads!

A few perceptions from our doorstep in costa rica:

1. Sunshine! The rainclouds have departed and we are left with the arenal volcano, exposed, with sun beaming on its eastern/green side.

2. Flora-galore! Bromeliads, tropical plants, grasses, palms, and fruit trees in sight. Stems, stalks, and leaves of a variety of shapes and sizes – all of which are too stunning and green for even the best camera to capture.

3. Dampness – from the morning’s rain.

4. Sounds of trucks passing by, bringing fresh produce to the local “super” (supermarket) or “pulperia” (corner store). I secretly hope these trucks have brought fresh bananas, papayas, and mangos – my husband and I’s favourites. Bananas – to put in the small tree out the front of our house to attract the birds (a variety of tanagers, flycatchers, and orioles), papayas – specifically for the toucans (on cloudy/rainy days), and mangoes – well, the mangoes are for our own sheer enjoyment. Yum!

5. Kids running about. Often a rough match of futbol (if someone brings a ball out to play), otherwise, a round of marbles or a game of tag with the lonely dogs who wander the streets and roam about the neighbourhood in search of someone who will give them food (which, is usually my husband or I, since we seem to temporarily adopt a handful of dogs when they wander over when hungry and leave when full).

Now it is raining again, a hard downpour rain unlike the warm summer sprinkle we had this morning. And, in the 10 minutes that have passed since I first sat down to write this post, the sunshine and the rain have switched places like they seem to do every day in la fortuna around this time (mid-afternoon).

The kids have gone inside to wait out the rain, the trucks have come and gone, and the birds have flown home to their nests. Just another day of beauty and humility in the rainforest.


Pura vida!